Why Courses from Mazadah & GCE?

Dated: 01/05/2015


In the past few years, when there was no Red Hat Certified Training Partner in Jordan, the student was relying on uncertified training providers to take their Red Hat courses. These courses, mostly, come with no, or copied, study material and delivered by uncertified instructors in a badly configured computer labs. After taking this kind of training, the student thinks that he/she has enough knowledge and is ready for the certification exam; which is not necessarily the case.
Since there was no Red Hat Certified Exams in Jordan in the past few years, the student was forced to travel to the countries like Egypt, UAE or India to take the exams and become certified. Due to the bad quality of training, in most of the cases, the student will end up failing the exams, wasting money on a low quality training, flights, accommodation in a foreign country, and exam fees for no real value.

Today, with Mazadah and GCE, students can attend Red Hat Certified Training, delivered by Red Hat Certified Instructors, with Official Training Kits and Correctly Configured Labs according to Red Hat Specifications. Moreover, for the first time in Jordan, we are now offering Certification exams for all Red Hat Linux Certifications levels, from basics (RHCE) to advanced (RHCA).

Today, with Mazadah and GCEwe help students take full benefit of their investment. With us, they can become HIGHLY Red Hat Certified with minimum money, effort and time.

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