Mazadah Partners with Master Linux

Dated: 05/05/2015

Mazadah_ML_BigMaster Linux, one of oldest training and solution providers in Egypt, partners “exclusively” with Mazadah(The Only Red Hat Certified Training Partner for Advanced training in Egypt), to deliver to you ADVANCED Red Hat Certified Training & Certification.

With Master Linux‘s long experience in training delivery and legacy of success in the Egyptian market, and Mazadah’s highly certified trainers (Red Hat Certified Engineers, Red Hat Certified Architects, Red Hat Certified Instructors and Red Hat Certified examiner), we have joined forces to design a comprehensive Advanced Red Hat Certified training and examination program running throughout the year.

We are bringing RHCA level training for the first time to the Egyptian Market!
No more unofficial courses, copied material and unprofessional instructors,

No more struggle to get advanced courses and long planning to become an RHCA


with Master Linux and Mazadah, your own  Full Track of ADVANCED Red Hat Certified Courses & Exams are brought close to you for the first time in Egypt.

Check our schedule and book your seat now.

Certified by Red Hat