Why Red Hat Certified Courses?

Dated: 14/05/2015

Certified by Red Hat

Many people do not recognize the value of taking Officially Certified Courses, and go, ignorantly, for gray market training, or unofficial training.

Here, we intend to highlight the benefits of taking Red Hat Certified Courses, and raise awareness about the value it ads; focusing, mainly, on the “Official Lab Configuration”.

Using official Red Hat training and lab gives the students many benefits, including the following:

  1. 1- The official training comes with pre-configured and simulation for iSCSI storage, (LDAP, DHCP, DNS, NFS, Samba, Mail and yum) servers, which increase the flexibility for the students to test and work with various types of servers without facing problems;
  2. 2- The official training comes with hands-on labs after each chapter, together with intelligent scripts that check the correctness of the student’s answer, give him grades and show the incorrect steps –if applicable- in his answer;
  3. 3- Most of Red Hat’s official training come with comprehensive test in the last chapter; which collects all training chapters together and makes it project-like with a customer requirements and needs. The student has to implement this project LIVE in a limited duration. After submission, the intelligent script will do grading for their answers;
  4. 4- Most of Red Hat’s official training give the student a free RH subscription, which can be used to get an official RH support.

All Red Hat Courses provided by Mazadah and its partners are delivered in an official lab, following the specifications of Red Hat, and through Red Hat Certified Instructors.

Why wasting your money in an un-certified course, when you have certified courses right next to you?

Why Accepting less when you can have more?

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